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  • 💪TOTAL COMFORT; People love how our wrist straps for weight lifting offer incredible comfort; Our gym straps feature a generous 4 mm of neoprene padding that helps to absorb shocks and jolts; Be kinder to your body with these premium workout straps from Gym Maniac.
  • 💪TOUGH; Gym Maniac wrist wraps have double reinforced stitching that won’t ever quit; Our lifting straps are engineered to be lifeproof, withstanding the most challenging workouts; If you need weight lifting wrist straps that are as strong as you are, look no further than Gym Maniac weight lifting straps
  • 💪COMPACT; Our gym wrist straps can be easily rolled up and stored in your gym bag; With an ergonomic design to enhance your session and active correct form, as well as easy to fit loops that take only moments to put on, these are workout wrist wraps men and women are sure to love
  • 💪QUALITY; These lifting wrist straps are crafted by exercise professionals for all levels of experience; Gym Maniac weight lifting equipment is crafted to the highest standards and suited for beginners to total pros; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the workout straps ourselves, we won’t sell them
  • 💪EASY CLEANING; Say goodbye to smelly weight lifting accessories with our gym wrist straps; Simply toss your lifting wrist wraps in the washing machine on a cold cycle and you’ll have clean weight lifting wrist wraps in no time; Caring for your exercise straps was never easier

Reinforced Toughness

It’s time to say goodbye to gym equipment that can’t keep up with your demands. Gym Maniac wrist straps for weight lifting have been engineered to be as tough as you. These weightlifting wrist wraps feature double reinforced stitching that won’t fray or come undone. When you need gym straps that never give up, Gym Maniac is the obvious choice.

Gym Manic GM lifting straps

Incredibly Smart Design

Our weight lifting wrist wraps leave you wanting nothing. Here’s what makes them special:

  • ● Lightweight design won’t weigh you down
  • ● Our weight lifting straps fit easily in your gym bag
  • ● Ultra tough reinforced stitching that never quits
  • ● These workout straps are padded with neoprene cushioning
  • ● A range of colors to choose from
Gym Manic GM lifting straps

Super Comfortable Padding

Tell lesser weight straps that chafe to step aside, Gym Maniac’s exercise straps have been engineered with your comfort in mind. These lifting wrist wraps feature a generous 4 mm of neoprene padding for incredible shock absorption and extra protection. For people who care about comfort, our weight lifting straps for women and men are the obvious answer.

Gym Maniac GM Classic Lifting Straps - Multicolor

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