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The Treadmill Machine with Voice Control and Bluetooth Function
We're developing a portable folding treadmill machine for home, office, and gym use. The treadmill has a speed range of 0.5-7.5 MPH, voice control, and smart Bluetooth audio for a hands-free and enjoyable treadmill workout.
Features of the treadmill machine with bluetooth and voice control treadmill for Home Use:
⦁ Running Belt Automatic Correction of Deflection: Effective prevention of non-functional treadmill
⦁Smart Bluetooth connectivity:Recreational exercise for home use treadmill
⦁The Treadmill machine with Voice control technology: The Treadmill adds a touch of modernity and innovation to the treadmill experience, making our treadmill more enjoyable and engaging.
⦁ Anti-Slip & Shock Absorption Treadmill Belt: Effective anti-slip, simulating outdoor plastic runway
⦁Safety Guarantee:Treadmill safety measures prioritize user protection, making the treadmill a reliable and secure exercise equipment choice.We will provide you with better customer service. Please contact us for any concerns with this treadmill
⦁ The Treadmill with Anti-slip Rubber Cell Phone Holder: Entertainment and running at the same time, increase the fun of a treadmill workout
⦁Treadmill with Ergonomic Handlebar: Professional Exercise Details, Providing a good user running experience with our electric treadmill
⦁Full Folding Treadmill Function: The treadmill can be Fully Folded, Easy to Store and Saves Space walking treadmill.

Specification of the Treadmill with Voice Control Bluetooth :
⦁Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Connectivity:
⦁Extended size: 51.18*26.38*46.06 inches
⦁ Treadmill Folded size: 20.28*26.38*48.62 inches
⦁Treadmill Running Belt Width: 43" X 17"
⦁Speed Range: 0.5 MPH-7.5 MPH
⦁Heart Rate Detection: Treadmill Handlebar
⦁Maximum Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
⦁Net weight: 77 lbs
⦁Gross weight: 88 lbs
⦁Treadmill Screen: LCD Display Electric Treadmill
⦁Voice Control Treadmill
⦁Bluetooth Connection Treadmill

  • Smart Bluetooth 】The Treadmill with bluetooth allows seamless connectivity with devices, such as smartphones or tablets, listen to music wirelessly. Treadmill offers convenience, versatility.
  • Voice control 】 Say "Hey Coco" to wake up treadmill, and will respond obediently and smoothly to your adjustments. Experience a new level of home fitness featuring bluetooth connectivity.
  • Upgraded LCD Monitor】On the treadmill LCD Monitor, more programs can be switched. The Treadmill With LED monitor display, monitor your exercise data at all times
  • Noise Reduction Design】With strong quite motor, our treadmill can reach 2 horse power; The speed of treadmill range from 0.5 - 7.5 mph to meet professional or amateur training
  • Shock-absorption Upgrade】The bluetooth treadmill has 17 * 43 inches running belt, wide treadmill belt and easily touched handrails. Shock absorption avoid the impact for knees and ankles, making running safer and more comfortable.

Treadmill with Folding Electric Treadmill Bluetooth Voice Control Exercise Tread

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